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Detailed instructions to install Wave2Cloud smart home service on Windows 10

1. Download, then double click downloaded SmartHome.exe file. Click 'Yes' to continue.



2.   Click 'I Agree' on the License Agreement page to continue.


 3.  Click 'Close' on the 'Installation Complete' window.


 4.   Setup your wave2cloud account: input your email and password and click 'Sign up'. 


 5.   Setup your phone and email to receive the alerts. Select your audio and video events of interest. Click the box for 'Upload audio and video data to the cloud' if you prefer to having remote access the audio and video data.


 6.   You are all set!   To make changes to the configuration in step 5 in the future, please type 'Wave2Cloud' on the Windows search bar and click the 'Wave2Cloud app'

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