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Install Wave2Cloud AI app on Android for free

    Search 'Wave2Cloud' on the Android Play Store


1. How do I access my audio and videos remotely?


Go to the 'customize your audio and video events of interest' option and select 'upload data for my remote access'. You will receive an email or text message with a link to the audio and image event detected. The video streaming feature will be added soon.

Install Wave2Cloud on Windows 10 for free 


1. How to try Wave2Cloud smarter home for free? 

Follow the following steps to install it on your Windows 10 computer or tablet.

1) Download SmartHome.exe.

2) Double click downloaded the SmartHome.exe file.

3) Follow the instructions on the screen to finish the installation. Detailed step by step installation instruction is here.


2. How to test it works?

It is best to test with the sound you are interested in. For example, to test home security function, follow these steps.

1) Make sure your microphone is on and has an internet connection. 

2) Press the test button on your smoke detector. It should set off an alarm sound.

3) You should receive a text and email message from Wave2Cloud within seconds about the smoke detector sound event. If you choose to have your data accessible on the cloud, your email will contain links to the audio and video data.

3. What are the unique features of wave2cloud?

 Advanced artificial intelligence technologies keep your eye and ears free from the scene.

 No need to purchase or install any hardware. 

 Users have full control of data privacy.


4. How does Wave2Cloud compare to an IP camera?

Wave2Cloud performs AI-based audio and video understanding, which is beyond the function of the traditional security system.  Just place your device close to the area where events may happen. Users of Wave2Cloud will be notified of any detected event without keeping an ear or eye on the scene. 

5. Control of data privacy

Wave2Cloud performs edge computing. You can configure Wave2Cloud to keep captured sound and photo on your local device without uploading to the cloud.  You can still receive a text and email message of detected events. This is a unique feature of Wave2Cloud.

6. How can I help Wave2Cloud?

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